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Jim Weatherly - Autumn's LightJim Weatherly - Autumn's Light

On this new songwriter CD from Jim Weatherly is a selection of songs written over a period of years. Some are brand new and some were written as long twenty-five years ago. Some were written by Jim alone and some were written with some of the best co-writers in the business. Three songs have been previously recorded by other artists. "Turn Out The Stars" was an urban AC hit for the Manhattans in 2006. Tanya Tucker recorded "The River And The Wind" for her TNT album in the seventies. "Silver Moon" was recorded by Brizac Records artist, Bryan Lane as well as Jim's co-writer, Toni Jolene Clay whose version was included in the Mickey Newbury album "Lulled By The Moonlight". It is believed to be the only song on a Mickey Newbury album recorded by another singer and not written by Newbury himself. The song, "I Have Faith In You" was written by Jim especially for his children, Brighton and Zack. Weatherly is best known for writing the Gladys Knight and the Pips classics, "Midnight Train To Georgia", "Neither One Of Us Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye" and "You're The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me".

"Autumn's Light" Reviewer: Rennie Pollitt
Jim Weatherly is the greatest writer of love songs of all time as this album proves it again & again. In the 1970's Jim recorded 8 LPs of such utter brilliance that they have never been surpassed, but many of the songs on "Autumn's Light" are the equal of anything he wrote back then. My favorites are "I'll Never Look Up At The Moon", "When Blue Was A Color" & "Silver Moon", but tomorrow it could be three different ones - they are all that good! Please everybody, do not hesitate to buy this album. Long live Jim Weatherly -- his songs have enriched my life beyond measure.

Wonderful Artist May 16, 2012
By Edna M. Cooke
I have been listening to Jim Weatherly since the 70's.....He never disappoints! I had most of his music in the form of albums, so I wanted to upgrade my collection to secure future listening enjoyment. I am grateful to Amazon.com for having such a diverse offering of past and present musical options available for purchase, either directly or through the Marketplace. Jim is such a talented composer and musician, and his voice is consistently soothing and beautiful. One must really experience Jim Weatherly for themselves.

Ray Of Sunshine.... December 30, 2011
By JustJoe
I cannot believe that no one commented on this FANTASTIC CD. I have been a huge Jim Weatherly fan since 1971 when I found his self-titled LP on a record shelf in a shop in Philadelphia. Never hearing his name before, I was instantly impressed by his smooth vocals and his skill with wriing songs. I have since collected all of Jim's vinyl and eventually added all the CD's as they became available. All the songs on this CD are well written, that, you can always count on with Jim, he knows his way around a song and how to tell a beautiful story. It is difficult to choose any one song on this set as a favorite, they are all excellent, but "Silver Moon" and "Turn Out The Stars" are definite stand outs. All I can say is, it's a shame that people only buy what is popular. If you dig a bit deeper and seek out singer-songwriter-composers like Jim who put their heart and soul into it, you gain a new perspective of how they intended the song to be and many times it is so much better because it's from the heart of its author and there is nothing more pure and sincere than a song from the heart. Thanks Jim from the bottom of mine for so MANY years of beautiful, inspiring music. You are most definitely one of the best around and your legacy will live on forever.....:-)

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  1. Turn Out The Stars  Click to listen to a song clip!

  2. All The Days Of My Life Click to listen to a song clip!

  3. I Have Faith In You Click to listen to a song clip!

  4. I'll Never Look Up At The Moon Click to listen to a song clip!

  5. When Blue Was A Color Click to listen to a song clip!

  6. Echoes In The Wind Click to listen to a song clip!

  7. The Last Star Click to listen to a song clip!

  8. Love Shouldn't Be This Hard Click to listen to a song clip!

  9. The River And The Wind Click to listen to a song clip!

  10. Silver Moon Click to listen to a song clip!

  11. Nights Will Never Be The Same Click to listen to a song clip!

  12. You Show Your Love Click to listen to a song clip!


Produced by Jim Weatherly and Jonathon Willis
Background Singers - Missy Hale and Anthony Martin
Electric Guitar
- Jamie Harvill
Mastered by
Luke Wooten at Station West

2008 Brizac Records.

$12.97 + s/h

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