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Jim Weatherly - Christmas Like Christmas Used To BeJim Weatherly - Christmas Like Christmas Used To Be

A brand-new Christmas CD of all-new original Christmas songs. Very nostalgic in the spirit of the old Christmas classics. Beautiful melodies with warm, thoughtful lyrics as well as some fun ones to put you in a heartwarming holiday mood. Jim's eight year old daughter, Brighton, makes her debut singing a new Christmas lullaby, "Happy Birthday Jesus". If you like the songs of Jim Weatherly and the beautiful songs of Christmas, this CD is a must for your collection.

Review by Joel Scarborough: I have often said that Jim Weatherly can evoke more emotions in a three minute song than many writers do in a 300-page novel. With enough hit songs to his credit to fill many volumes, I get to thinking now and then that Jim’s creative reserves must be running pretty low. And that’s about the time he usually jolts me back to reality with the release another collection of great new songs that recording artists from every field will be dashing to cover. This time Jim has channeled his warm and heartfelt lyrics into a Weatherly winter wonderland of 14 original traditional-flavored holiday songs that just may be the best new Christmas album in more than 25 years. This new Brizac Records CD is chock full of Weatherly trademark love songs, like my personal favorites: “Christmas With You” and “A Christmas Love Song”.  This bright new masterpiece also contains a full array of styles from jovial rocker, “Give Me Some Lovin' For Christmas”, and an upbeat spiritual “The Star At The Top Of The Tree” to the softly inspirational “God’s Greatest Gift”. And, as a special bonus cut, Jim has included his moving composition, “Happy Birthday Jesus” sung by 8-year-old Brighton Weatherly. In fact, the holidays are so special to the entire Weatherly family that this CD evolved into a family project, with cover art, photography and inspirational contributions by Edith, Cynthia, Brighton and Zack Weatherly. So when your own family gathers this holiday season, introduce them to “Christmas Like Christmas Used To Be” by Jim Weatherly on Brizac Records and be among the first to sing along with what is sure to be the next classic standard Christmas CD.

Jim Weatherly's Star Shines Once Again
Reviewer: Randall Hines
, October 21, 2004
There's a fresh chill in the pine-scented air and, as the radio plays those familiar tunes, we realize it's Christmas time once again. Another year, another Christmas? Sure, but this year Jim Weatherly adds a broad, colorful stroke to holiday music with his latest release: "Christmas Like Christmas Used To Be". Here is a collection of moving, new seasonal songs that blends a sentiment of nostalgia with the hopefulness and wonder that can be ours every Christmas. The title track invokes the musical traditions of Christmas with a lyrical nod to "Crosby and Como" and that is appropriate. These original songs will mix well with all our old favorites.

Prolific songwriter Jim Weatherly is blessed with a mellow, expressive voice that is more than just the wrapping on these these presents to us. These songs are as genuine and as heartfelt as any beautifully handcrafted Christmas gift. If you are not sure how it feels to receive a gift like that, have a listen to "The Star At The Top Of The Tree". This touching song, plus "My Kind Of Christmas" and "Merry Christmas From Our House To Yours" bring all the best of Christmas-past back to our living rooms, and back to our hearts.

There is a tradition of story-telling in Country Music. While this new CD, "Christmas Like Christmas Used To Be", can not be stuffed entirely into the "Country" stocking, the flavor of the new Weatherly song "Blessings in Disguise" has some great stories to tell. We get to hear a little of the Weatherly family story on this CD, too. A bonus cut titled, "Happy Birthday Jesus" is sung by 8 year-old Brighton Weatherly. Her sweet, young voice is unassuming, and positively endearing. Her father's fine singing voice is a nice example to have before her.

Jim Weatherly's voice may not be the only voice to sing these songs for us during holidays to come. This latest recording, like all that came before, is also a boutique for other talented singers. Some of these brand new tunes, such as the frisky "Gimme Some Lovin' For Christmas", are sure to find new homes on other artist's CD's. One song from the CD, "A Christmas Love Song", co-written with Ben Peters, has already been performed by the Oak Ridge Boys.

If we can't clearly recall how long Jim Weatherly has been writing songs for us (and for some of our favorite entertainers) have a look at Jim's website for a list that will quickly remind us. Bring home a treat for your family this year; slide this CD into the player as the holiday season begins and you'll look forward to hearing it next Christmas and the next.

Reviewer: Barbara Barbaro (Florissant, CO)
I've been a collector of Jim Weatherly albums and CDs since I first heard "The Need To Be" back in the 1970s. Needless to say, I was delighted when I saw that he had released his own Christmas CD ...and I wasn't a bit disappointed. His collection of songs, from the peppy "It Won't Be Long 'Til Christmas", to the moving "The Faith And The Fire", to those extolling the true meaning of Christmas such as "Blessings In Disguise" and "God's Greatest Gift", are ones that stay with you long after you've finished listening to them. Weatherly's gift for writing about love, emotion, heartache and passion, and now, Christmas, is truly a gift that few possess. Get this CD for your Christmas collection. It'll warm your heart and make you smile. (In case you haven't heard his other CDs, start with "Songs I've Written", and go from there.)

A Must-Have Christmas CD
Reviewer: "vicki" at CDBaby
This CD gives inspiration to your heart and soul when you listen to the lyrics and wonderful melodies Jim has put together. You'll be humming the tunes even when the music has stopped!!

5 STARS: author: Steve--Excellent, essential listening Christmas CD
I wholeheartedly agree with the first two Reviewers. This is how Christmas Songs used to be and should be, although there are few songwriters as talented as Jim Weatherly around to be able to acheive this. Impossible to chose a favourite song, they are all brillant and the lyrics particuarly are great!

5 STARS: author: Jeff Hall --One of the best Christmas Cds ever!
A romantic, thoughtful, warm, feel- good Christmas Cd from one of the great singer/songwriters. The track "My Kind Of Christmas" is my favorite Christmas song ever. This is a great Cd that consists of original Christmas songs composed by Jim.....a must for anyone who enjoys Christmas music.

Click on a song title to purchase and download that song ($.99/song). Click on the speaker icons to listen to song clips (Windows Media format).

  1. A Merry Christmas From Our House To Yours (3:16) Click to listen to a song clip!

  2. Christmas Like Christmas Used To Be (4:12) Click to listen to a song clip!

  3. It Won't Be Long 'Til Christmas (2:52) Click to listen to a song clip!

  4. Christmas In New England (3:52) Click to listen to a song clip!

  5. Blessings in Disguise (4:20) Click to listen to a song clip!

  6. The Star At The Top Of The Tree (5:10) Click to listen to a song clip!

  7. The Faith And The Fire (4:12) Click to listen to a song clip!

  8. It's Sad To Be Lonely At Christmas (4:02) Click to listen to a song clip!

  9. A Christmas Love Song (3:24) Click to listen to a song clip!

  10. Gimme Some Lovin' For Christmas (3:08) Click to listen to a song clip!

  11. Christmas With You (4:28) Click to listen to a song clip!

  12. My Kind Of Christmas (4:19) Click to listen to a song clip!

  13. God's Greatest Gift (4:10) Click to listen to a song clip!

  14. Happy Birthday Jesus (3:26) Click to listen to a song clip!


Produced by Jim Weatherly and Jonathon Willis
Background Singers - Missy Hale and Anthony Martin
Electric Guitar
- Jamie Harvill on "Gimme Some Lovin' For Christmas"
- Dana Robbins
Mastered by
Luke Wooten at Station West

2004 Brizac Records. All Songs Published by Universal Music.

$15.98 + s/h

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