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The Very Best Of Jim Weatherly - The Need To BeThe Very Best Of Jim Weatherly - The Need To Be

JOURNEY BACK TO THOSE MELLOW 70's, August 13, 2001
Reviewers: Rachel & Michael Butts, Martinsburg, WV
Jim Weatherly started out as a songwriter and is responsible for such big 70's hits as "Neither One of Us", "Midnight Train To Georgia", "Where Peaceful Waters Flow," "The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me," to name a few. As a songwriter, he penned songs of lost love in a straightforward, honest, everyday conversational tone. As a singer, his quivering tenor/baritone voice was nothing out of the ordinary, yet he managed to convey a great deal of emotion in his delivery. Weatherly's tunes were those James Taylor-ish type of songs, heavy on acoustic guitar, string accompaniment, and choral accompaniment. My favorite is his own "The Need to Be," which he enjoyed a mild hit with during those seventies years. A paean to the man who needs to be himself, Weatherly warmly evokes all the things that a man feels he needs to be to be himself. A nice song that conjures up many memories from those fleeting years. Other than this minor hit, the CD is composed of songs from his two solo efforts that produced a couple of minor country hits and one more pop hit. The best of these are "Living for Everyman's Dream," "Like Old Times Again," "I'll Still Love You," "You Are A Song," "It Must Have Been The Rain," "Mississippi" and "What's One More Time." Weatherly the singer didn't make a tremendous impact, but as a songwriter he fed some big hits to stars like Ray Price and Gladys Knight & The Pips. An enjoyable nostalgic collection.

Greatest Love Songs, December 17, 2001
Reviewer: Jeffrey W. Vigeant from Falls Church, VA
I first purchased this album of love songs by Jim Weatherly nearly twenty years ago as a LP in a used music shop in Washington, D.C. In recent years, my collection of such albums have gone into mothballs as I've built a new library of CDs. I was thrilled to find my search turned this up as available on CD! I highly recommend this romantic collection of love songs. Jim's words and music easily touches upon emotions anyone who has ever been in love has experienced - be it joy or regret. It would make the perfect Valentines Day or anniversary gift. My personal favorites are "Like Old Times Again", "Roses And Love Songs", "The Need To Be", and "You Are A Song". The next time you dim the lights, pour the wine, and hold your loved one close, let Jim's words and melodies complete the mood.

4.0 out of 5 stars easy listening, January 18, 2009
By Rosemary L. Appelt "roappelt" (Henderson, Nv United States)

Jim Weatherly provides an easy listening soothing voice to his songs. Has a little country lean to the presentation which adds to the songs. Good to put on when coming home or just kicking back to relax and chill out.

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  1. California Memory

  2. My First Day Without Her

  3. Living For Everyman's Dream

  4. Like Old Times Again

  5. Roses And Love Songs

  6. I'll Still Love You

  7. Where Do I Put Her Memory

  8. Coming Apart

  9. The Need To Be

  10. You Are A Song

  11. It Must Have Been The Rain

  12. Mississippi

  13. What's One More Time

  14. How'd We Ever Get This Way

All Songs Published by Universal Music.

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